Our entrance has moved from 48 York Street to 50 York Street! Rather than walking directly into the studio space, our new entrance takes you into the foyer area where you can remove your shoes and get comfortable before entering one of our two practice areas. When looking at the studio window the new door is to the right of the window next to the flag. The double doors to the left of the window remain closed and locked, and will only be used in an emergency or as an accessible entrance.


Our studio is located in the heart of Gettysburg in a registered Civil War Building between the Swope Manor and the Brafferton Inn on York Street. The main studio, where we practice both yoga and aerial yoga, has the original and beautiful hardwood flooring. Please be mindful when walking into the space so that we can keep the flooring for another 150 years! The second studio space has been refinished and it will be used for heated yoga, smaller groups, and Reiki. We hope you enjoy the beautiful and historic space as much as we do, and we look forward to seeing you on the mat or at one of our many events.

Upcoming Events

November 23 @ 10:30am

Yoga with Essential Oils During this all levels class, Amber Dickerson will introduce essential oils and how they can be used to enliven your practice. She will introduce an oil at the beginning as you begin your warm up, one in the middle as you are building heat, and a final essential oil as you cool down and head into savasana. Sign up now!

November 25 @ 5:30pm

Yoga with Bunnies! Join Alison Hood and her two furry friends for a fun all levels class. This is an excellent way to de-stress and practice self-care, and maybe even smile a little bit during your practice. Sign up now!

Black Friday: November 29 @ 5:30pm

Yin Yoga Join Chris Sampson as he leads you through a beautiful Yin practice which will provide stillness and space for you to unwind as well as deepen your practice providing more flexibility.  A perfect practice to share with family and friends over the holiday weekend. Sign up now!

December 21 @ 2:00-4:00pm

Paint Event with Deb $30 per person. Price includes all materials to paint an 11 x 14" canvas panel. Our professional artist walks you through step by step. Truck design is pre-drawn for you. BYOB. Advanced registration required. Tickets are available on Eventbrite for $30 Get tickets!

January 18 @ 12:00pm- 2:00pm

Kombucha Making Workshop $30 per person. Come join Liz “The Kombucha Lady” Dodson. Liz will deliver a presentation on the science behind kombucha and its amazing health benefits. Liz will also teach you how to brew your own kombucha at home, and you will have the opportunity to create your own unique flavor of kombucha with fruits, herbs and spices of your choice. 

Sign up now!

January 25 @ 1:00pm- 4:30pm

Presenting With Impact (PWI) $50 per person. When you think about effective and inspirational presenters you can probably identify traits and techniques as to why those individuals made such a lasting impact on you. Did you ever wonder why the presenter was so impactful? Truth be told, the short answer is the presenter’s preparation. However, the more comprehensive answer consists of multiple variables including the message being conveyed, the relevance of the topic, the presenter’s delivery skills, rehearsal, and yes, even previous failures. PWI is a workshop based on research from notable educational psychologists. This research provides the foundation that will allow you to better frame and organize your message so that it will more fully resonate with your audience, i.e., irrespective of whether you are presenting to your work group, to your fellow teachers or healthcare professionals, to your local school board or town hall, or even to an audience of 1000 people, the framework remains the same.


Equally appropriate for the most practiced presenter, and for people who are either inexperienced or terrified of presenting, PWI will provide you with tools and techniques to become a more confident and capable presenter. Come join Down Dog Gettysburg co-owner Everett, who has been teaching individuals and organizations in corporate America and the Federal Government how to present with with impact for nearly 20 years. Sign up now!

January 31 - February 2

Accessible Yoga Training

Down Dog Gettysburg is hosting with Accessible Yoga (an international advocacy organization) to bring this training to our community. The workshop will focus on how to make yoga available to everyone, regardless of their level of physical ability. You will learn how to create integrated and accessible yoga classes so that every participant can practice together. You will explore the many ways that a yoga practice can be modified to suit students with disabilities, physical challenges, chronic illness, seniors, and anyone working with modifications. Early bird pricing ends December 31st! Get more information!

March 27-29

Aerial Yoga Training 

This training is for anyone interested in learning about aerial yoga as well as yoga instructors looking to bring aerial classes to their community. Tana Martin offers this 20 hour program where you will explore the many benefits of aerial yoga, cover basic anatomy, safety, 50+ poses, and how to put the poses together to create flows.  A training manual is also included for your reference. This course will allow plenty of practice time as well as practice teaching time to help each participant feel comfortable teaching an aerial yoga class. Contact us for more information.

To register for classes and see full descriptions, visit the Mindbody website. Our current schedule can be viewed here.

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