Elle Everett - E-RYT 200, RYT 500, Aerial Yoga Instructor, Kripalu School of Ayurveda Graduate, and Reiki Master, trained through the International Center for Reiki Training

Elle has a passion for working with others to help them find peace and happiness through the mind-body connection. Elle founded Down Dog Gettysburg not only to provide a space to practice yoga but also to bring people together as a community. She believes that yoga is for everybody and that it is not about how deep you go into a pose but rather the integrity of the pose to avoid injuries. She emphasizes centering and finding the breath in the beginning and the end of practice. Asana is only one of the eight limbs of yoga. Elle feels that the emphasis of yoga should be inclusive of the other limbs and not just the physical practice. Check out Elle's blog for more Ayurveda and wellness topics.


Everett - RYT 200

Co-owner and Elle's husband, Everett is only a few years into his yoga journey. Everett never thought he would "Do Yoga." Now? Today, not only is he a yoga studio owner with Elle, he swears by yoga as it has provided him with the physicality of movement and strength conditioning that he loves, along with what the before-unforeseen-benefits of meditation, breathing and relaxation can do for his blood pressure and demeanor (ask Elle). Everett prefers a fast-paced, Vinyasa Flow practice. As he says, "Nothing too fancy, just a block and tackle-type approach with a lot of cueing, a lot of movement, and a lot of opportunity to sweat." 


Wendy Machemer - RYT 200

The desire of finding an inner peace within herself led Wendy to start practicing yoga over six years ago.  Highly passionate about health and wellness, yoga instantly became an everyday adventure.  Wendy focuses on the breath while teaching, allowing the body to gently flow from one asana to another.  When not on her yoga mat, you can find her teaching elementary physical education during the school year, on the slopes teaching ski lessons in the winter or spending family time with her nieces and nephews.


Judy (Cole) Redding - RYT 200

Judy is a native of Adams County and a long time resident of Gettysburg. After a 30 year career in communications and philanthropy in healthcare and higher education, Judy pursued her dream of becoming a yoga instructor in 2019. A member of the first YTT class at Down Dog Gettysburg, she earned her RYT 200 hour certification in April 2020.  Since then, Judy has taught Gentle Yoga and All Levels classes. Her yoga style focuses on proper alignment in asana postures, safe sequencing and connection of breath to movement. In Judy's words, "Yoga is a beautiful blend of movement that can bring improved mobility, balance and range of motion."  As a more "mature" yogi, she can attest to the benefits of yoga for one's mind, body and soul.


Chris Sampson - RYT 200

Chris began his journey into Yoga while stationed as a Military Training Instructor at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio Texas in 2004. Chris' initial introduction led to a small home-based practice over the next several years. Chris has earned a 200 HR RYT certification at Down Dog Yoga, Gettysburg, PA. Chris has completed Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Ryah Dekis, at Ananda Shala Yoga, Frederick, Maryland. Chris has a passion for Yoga, especially Yin Yoga, and wishes to share it with others; especially those who suffer from chronic pain, PTSD, trauma and depression, as he believes it is an exceptional alternative for healing of the body, mind and spirit.


Heather Seton - RYT 200

Heather Seton comes to the mat with a long history of working in the field of mental health and human services. With 25 years of experience working with victims/survivors of trauma, with a focus of domestic and sexual violence, Heather has come to appreciate yoga as a tool for healing from trauma and for achieving and maintaining emotional balance. She embarked on DDG’s first YTT, not as a means to teach, but in order to deepen her own practice and further her own healing.  Through the teachings of yoga and with the guidance of her gurus, Heather has come to know that the benefits of yoga last long after one steps off their mat.  When the world feels overwhelming, she finds solace in knowing that we can always come back to our breath, to our mat, and to our practice.