Receive $5 off of any regular yoga class price of $15.


Options Include:

  • Online All Levels

  • In Studio All Levels

  • In The Park All Levels

  • Online Vinyasa Flow

  • In Studio Vinyasa Flow


How to apply your discount?​

  1. Get your monthly access code from GPG.

  2. Click on the PDF icon and follow the instructions.



As a member of Destination Gettysburg, we participate in the Hospitality Heroes program. If you work for an organization that is a Destination Gettysburg member, ask your supervisor if your organization participates in the Hospitality Heroes program. If your organization does, ask your supervisor for a Hospitality Heroes Discount Card. Great deals await you at participating organizations, including $5 off the regular yoga class price of $15 in our studio or online. Contact us for more information.

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