We are currently offering the following yoga classes:

  • All Levels: This class is a great place to start if you are new to yoga or are looking for asana variations, or for the opportunity to grow in your practice by moving deeper into the asanas (poses). The pace of this class is traditionally slower and has a more gentle asana sequencing.  

  • All Levels - Vinyasa Flow: This class is traditionally for individuals who are familiar with and have previously practiced basic to moderate-level asanas, and who are familiar with their own asana variations. Participants can elect to take, or not take, as many "flows" that will be offered by the instructor. The pace of this class is traditionally moderate to fast and provides the participant the opportunity for a more moderate asana sequencing.

  • Power Yoga: This class is traditionally for participants who currently have an intermediate to advanced yoga practice. The pace of the class will be moderate to fast, and participants will be offered a more rigorous asana sequencing. 

*Note: Aerial and Yin yoga classes are on hold due the pandemic and the potential problems that could arise with in-studio props, i.e., aerial hammocks, bolsters and blankets.

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